The science behind the perfect cheese shred

— 24/10/2023

Research reveals the impact of storage time on vegan mozzarella substitutes

In the quest to create the perfect vegan mozzarella substitute, food scientists face a challenging task. Our Food R&D team, guided by dr. Ali Sedaghat Doost, has looked into the shreddability of these plant-based alternatives, a crucial step in the process of recreating cheese characteristics in plant-based alternatives.

Shreddability, a term encompassing various factors related to shredded cheese, plays a pivotal role in mimicking the characteristics of traditional cheese. This includes how easily the cheese can be processed through shredders, the quality and shape of the shreds, and whether they remain separate or clump together post-shredding. Achieving the right balance and avoiding fines is essential for optimal quality.


One of the groundbreaking findings of this research revolves around the impact of storage time on shreddability. Many plant-based cheese alternatives are starch-based, and the functional properties of these cheeses hinge on the starch network within them. The research reveals that storage time can lead to significant textural changes due to starch retrogradation, thereby influencing shreddability. Even a slight adjustment in storage duration can result in notable alterations in cheese texture, subsequently affecting its shredding quality.


Want to read the entire article? You can find it in the International Dairy Magazine of August: