Flexis Optitec

Technically advanced flat-belt slicer for maximum flexibility


This ultra-flexible flat-belt slicer is designed to slice fruit and vegetables at low to medium capacity. Its sophisticated cutting technique guarantees a perfect, precise cut with minimal waste of juice, optimising the shelf life of the product.


The Flexis Optitec is ideal for caterers, food processors, commercial kitchens, salad factories, etc. who typically need to cut smaller batches of different products to the highest quality and with quick and easy changeover between products. It also adds flexibility for larger processors wanting to cut a variety of speciality or seasonal products on the side of their main product stream.


The machine can be fitted with a wide range of cutting tools to produce slices, cubes, sticks or shreds between 1 and 25 mm (1/32- 1”). It is particularly suitable for products with a maximum diameter of 120 mm (4 23/32”), including fruits, herbs, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, etc.

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