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TOGETHER we cut your product to perfection

Cutting machines are the core of every processing line, transforming food produce into the final cut size and shape you require.


At FAM STUMABO, your end product is our starting point. To get the results you want, we strive for the best possible understanding of what you are cutting, its variables and, based on this knowledge, the best way to cut it.


With many years of experience and in-depth expertise in cutting techniques, specialised knife technologies and knowledge of numerous different food types, we have what you need to support your success.


We work closely with you to find the best possible way to create the quality products that set your business apart.

TOGETHER we build your success

Every business is different. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, your operating environment and your expectations. By selecting exactly the right equipment, you will save on costs for maintenance and repairs, enjoy uninterrupted production and protect the quality of your output.


Based on a structured approach, we select exactly the right equipment for you, adapted to your needs and to ensure the quality of your daily output.

TOGETHER we’re at the cutting edge

Whether you’re cutting, slicing, dicing or shredding, we support your business with innovative technologies and in-depth expertise. Explore our high-quality cutting machines and specialist precision blades to start designing the perfect solution.

FAM STUMABO on the road

We will be attending several tradeshows and industry events over the next few months. Why not visit us? We would love to meet you.