Fresh vegetables

Versatile precision cutting equipment

FAM STUMABO offers flexible cutting equipment allowing our customers to offer a wide range of cut vegetables in various dimensions and shapes. Each solution is adapted to the customer’s production needs. In addition to powerful high-capacity machines, we provide more economical machines suitable for shorter runs and larger product varieties. These deliver the same quality as the larger units but with a lower throughput.


Our dicers, strip cutters, shredders and slicers are designed to process a wide range of vegetables with perfect cutting accuracy and increased shelf life.

Thorough produce knowledge for the best cutting result

Our application specialists take pride in continuously expanding their understanding of the parameters that affect the cutting of different vegetables. These include the infeed product size, shape, texture and any other condition of the product before cutting.


Only then can we select the cutting solution that delivers the greatest value and best result for our customers.

Slicers and shredders
Cutting heads

Dicers: innovative designs for fresh-cut perfection

Our state-of-the-art drum dicers are built for reliability and versatility in a range of dicing operations. The Tridis™ 240 delivers high volumes and continuous flow and is suitable for softer produce (tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.), hard type root vegetables and other products such as beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, onions and potatoes. The lower capacity version, Tridis™ 180, offers the same technologies in a more compact package for medium-sized processors. The entry-level Dorphy combines the cut quality of larger dicers with unbeatable flexibility to increase productivity and reduce labour costs.

Slicers and shredders: consistent cut quality with maximum flexibility

Our innovative slicers and shredders are the perfect partner for companies seeking high-quality precision cutting along with quick, flexible performance. The innovative Centris™ 400 and Centris™ 315 centrifugal shredders feature our GapSet cutting head technology for uniform results and reduced waste. The Volantis™ and Lifis.2 V-belt slicers are designed for extremely precise transverse slicing of leafy vegetables and oblong or elongated varieties. Ease of use, simple maintenance and operator safety are built into every machine to keep your production running smoothly and efficiently.

Cutting heads: advanced technology to optimise your equipment

The GapSet 16 and GapSet 12 cutting heads maximise the performance of our Centris 400 and Centris 315 centrifugal shredders. Built in 100% stainless steel, these cutting assemblies feature 16 and 12 individual stationary cutting stations respectively, delivering improved yield at your desired capacity. They are lightweight for easy handling and process all fed produce to perfection, with minimal waste. Patented knife clamps ensure stability and consistent slice or shred thickness, while the knives themselves are selected for low operating costs.

Various knife options

Selecting the appropriate knife is vital to cut vegetables properly. The right blade will avoid cell damage and make extremely precise cuts, guaranteeing long shelf life, producing uniform products and reducing waste. FAM STUMABO provides various types of knives designed to meet different product textures and processing conditions. Their quality is the result of long research and experience.


All the blades are designed and manufactured in-house using the best food-grade stainless steel materials. Based on profound application knowledge, we select the precise thickness, edge profile and mechanical strength needed to achieve an optimised cutting process with minimum waste.

Advanced machine design to meet the strictest sanitation requirements

We help our customers to deliver healthy, safe food products by designing our cutting machines to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards. Their open structure allows them to be fully cleaned using pressure washing and disinfection inside and outside. The belts feature a quick-release system for easy removal without tools.

Driving innovation in partnership

FAM STUMABO works hand in hand with customers to develop or co-develop new product ideas. Our innovations are driven by market trends such as the demand for further automation and convenience. We develop creative cutting solutions that simultaneously improve the quality of the cut product and increase production speed.