Unique cutting solutions for multiple market segments

FAM STUMABO offers flexible cutting solutions that allow our customers to serve their clients with a wide range of applications, dimensions and shapes. Our customers need speed, accuracy, and flexibility from their cutting equipment to supply cut produce to multiple markets.


We support them with cutting solutions to suit a broad client base. Our products are known and trusted by producers of pizza, refrigerated and frozen meals and sandwiches, as well as restaurant chains, industrial kitchens, catering, food service and retail businesses.


Our dicers, strip cutters, shredders and graters are designed maximum versatility to process a wide variety of soft, semi-hard and hard type cheeses, such as mozzarella, Gouda, cheddar, Emmental, provolone, Parmesan, etc.

Thorough produce knowledge for the best cutting result

Our application specialists take pride in continuously expanding their understanding of the parameters that affect the cutting of different cheese products. These include the infeed product size, age, fat and moisture content, temperature, texture and any other condition of the product before cutting.


Only then can we select the cutting solution that delivers the greatest value and best result for our customers.

Centris shredders
Grating heads
Dicers and shredders
Ancillary equipment

Centris shredders: versatility, speed and patented innovation

Our Centris™ line of shredders offers the ultimate combination of power and flexibility for high-capacity production. The compact 400C processes a wide variety of cheeses at high speed. The 400C Optitec and 400C Hytec both feature a heavy-duty motor and advanced turbo-torque technology to deliver consistent cut quality even when throughput is maximised.

Powered by the Centris SureShred cutting head

Our patented 16-blade cutting head meets the demands of today’s versatile and higher volume cheese shredding applications by doubling capacity and providing rapid cutting action that reduces the time the cheese spends inside the cutting head. The slice thickness is preset to deliver uniform shreds and eliminate the need for thickness adjustments. The cutting segments contain continuous grooves to keep the product aligned, reducing the number of fines, combs and waste. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use and clean and it is approved to USDA Dairy division standards.


High-quality results are ensured by a full range of different cut types, including full or reduced 318 V-, 432 V- or 538 V-shred, oval and crescent shred.

Grating heads: more options without more machines

You can make your Centris shredder even more versatile with an extra grating head. This allows you to produce a wider range of products without adding new machines to your production line.

Dicers and shredders: the perfect blend of quality and capacity

FAM STUMABO dicing and shredding machines combine high-quality output with productivity-boosting designs to enhance any cheese processing operation. The Hymaks™ large drum dicer is a world leader with its unique sanitary design and powerful performance. The CMD.2 is a smart choice for continuous production and high capacities. The Flexifam 55 is known for its clean cuts and simplicity, while the Deville FS40 full block shredder maximises output in a variety of shapes.

Ancillary equipment: the finishing touch!

Complete your production line with our specially designed ancillary tools. You can select from a range of cubers for consistent results, improve efficiency with the right conveyor belt and dispense and mix powders and herbs smoothly and easily. All our ancillary tools are designed for reliability, optimal hygiene, and minimised product loss.

Various knife options

The right blade is essential to cut cheese products properly. The wrong use of a wrong blade will create more fines and irregular cuts in the final product.


FAM STUMABO provides various types of knives designed to meet different product textures and processing conditions. Their quality is the result of long research and experience.


All the blades are designed and manufactured in-house using the best food-grade stainless steel materials. Based on profound application knowledge, we select the precise thickness, edge profile and mechanical strength needed to achieve an optimised cutting process with minimum waste.

Advanced machine design to meet the strictest sanitation requirements

In the production of bacteria-sensitive cheese products, the highest standards of hygiene are essential to protect consumer health and safety.


Our cutting machines are designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards. Their open structure allows them to be fully cleaned using pressure washing and disinfection inside and outside.

Driving innovation in partnership

FAM STUMABO works hand in hand with customers to develop or co-develop new product ideas. Our innovations are driven by market trends such as the demand for further automation and convenience. We develop creative cutting solutions that simultaneously improve the quality of the cut product and increase production speed.

Analog cheeses

FAM STUMABO supports producers of cheese analogues and other dairy alternatives with extensive know-how in cutting requirements for different textures, shapes and consistencies. Cheese analogues are widely used in the fast-food industry as well the rapidly growing vegetarian and vegan sectors. While they are often cheaper and more convenient to use, they have different processing needs from the traditional cheeses they replace.


Our broad experience in a multitude of food applications means that we can tailor equipment for every type of operation, from powerful, high capacity machines to more economical units suitable for shorter runs and smaller businesses. They all feature a sanitary design for a clean, safe operation that meets the highest hygiene standards.