Unique cutting solutions for multiple market segments

FAM STUMABO offers flexible cutting solutions that allow our customers to serve their clients with a wide range of applications, dimensions and shapes. Our customers need speed, accuracy and flexibility from their cutting equipment to supply cut produce to multiple markets.


We meet their daily challenges with cutting solutions to suit a broad client base. Our products are known and trusted by producers of pizza, refrigerated and frozen meals and sandwiches, as well as restaurant chains, industrial kitchens, catering, food service and retail businesses.


Our dicers, strip cutters, shredders and slicers are designed for maximum versatility to process cooked (both chilled and hot), crust frozen and frozen tempered chicken and turkey products.

Thorough produce knowledge for the best cutting result

Our application specialists take pride in continuously improving their understanding of the parameters that affect the cutting of any poultry product. These include the infeed product size and shape, the temperature, texture and condition of the product before cutting.


Only then can we select the cutting solution that delivers the greatest value and best result for our customers.

Strip cutters and dicers
Belt dicer
Guillotine slicer and dicer
V-belt slicer

Strip cutters and dicers: supporting the highest standards in quality and hygiene

From pioneering sanitary designs to reliable high-capacity production, we have the technology you need for dicing and strip cutting a wide variety of cooked and frozen poultry meats. Our Hymaks™ dicer is the industry benchmark in machine hygiene. The robust CMD.2 is built for continuous operation in any conditions, while the Flexifam 55 offers unbeatable flexibility for medium-sized operations.

Belt dicer: perfect for dicing and strip cutting at high capacities

The Yuran™ Hytec 240 is a belt-fed dicer / strip-cutter in completely stainless steel execution. It is ideally suited for cutting a variety of poultry products with predetermined thickness, from fresh chilled to frozen tempered (down to -10°C) or hot-cooked (up to +60°C). Poultry meat can be cut at high production capacities, resulting in a cut product with a very attractive appearance and a minimum of fines.

Guillotine slicer and dicer: cut fragile and fibrous products to perfection

The GD 500 guillotine dicer is designed to dice and strip-cut hot cooked chicken breasts and thigh meat. Since the product is not extruded or force fed, slivering and fines are minimised and optimal appearance is maintained.

V-belt slicer: precise cutting for top-quality filet slices

The Volantis™ takes precision cutting to a higher level. This transverse slicer features a 2-metre-long V-belt to perfectly align chicken filets and guide them towards the slicing wheel at the optimal speed. It delivers high-quality slices with no waste or end pieces. The user-friendly design includes a compact touch screen for quick set-up and easy operation.

Various knife options

The right blade is essential to cut poultry products properly. The wrong type of blade will crush and tear the fibre of the meat instead of cutting. This creates more fines and breakage in the final product. FAM STUMABO provides various types of knives designed to meet different product textures and processing conditions. Their quality is the result of long research and experience.


All the blades are designed and manufactured in-house using the best food-grade stainless steel materials. Based on profound application knowledge, we select the precise thickness, edge profile and mechanical strength needed to achieve an optimised cutting process with minimum waste.

Advanced machine design to meet the most stringent sanitation requirements

In the processing of bacteria-sensitive meat from poultry, the highest standards of hygiene are essential to protect consumer health and safety. Our cutting machines are designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards. Their open structure allows them to be fully cleaned using pressure washing and disinfection inside and outside. The belts feature a quick-release system for easy removal without tools.

Driving innovation in partnership

FAM STUMABO works hand in hand with customers to develop or co-develop new product ideas. Our innovations are driven by market trends such as the demand for further automation and convenience. We also develop creative cutting solutions for new food styles, such as hand-pulled look shredding.

Meat alternatives: supporting a new food industry

FAM STUMABO is helping the relatively new field of alternative proteins to grow faster and bring new cutting solutions to reality. Our test centres enable customers to try out their new products with our machines and specially designed cutting tools. They also benefit from the support of Food R&D scientists and technicians.