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Innovators in potato cutting technology

Dedicated to developing high-performing industrial potato cutting solutions, FAM STUMABO is recognised as a key player in the global potato processing industry. Our knowledge of both mechanical and hydrocutting systems allows us to offer the best technology for each customers’ needs.


The production of high quality potato products requires accurate cutting methods that take into account different potato types and conditions. Our partnerships with leading potato processors and line builders over the world ensure that our innovations align with evolving requirements and keep adding value for the customer in terms of higher capacity, improved yield, lower costs and reduced processing time.

Thorough produce knowledge for the best cutting result

Our application specialists continually expand their understanding of the parameters that affect the cutting of different potato varieties. These include the infeed product size, surface condition, texture and other factors, such as whether they are stored or field fresh.


Only then can we select the cutting solution that delivers the greatest value and best result for our customers.

Mechanical cutting solutions
Hydrocutting solutions

Mechanical cutting solutions

Over the years, FAM STUMABO has built strong partnerships with leading potato processors worldwide. Our mechanical cutting solutions are known for their reliability, high capacity and cut quality. Their overall goal is fryer stability. We understand the impact of cut accuracy on the frying step, preventing acrylamide formation, reducing scrap, preventing excess moisture and optimising oil uptake.

‘P’ for potatoes

Our ‘P’ series is specially designed for potato cutting to assure regular cuts, maximum length, and minimum breakage and feathering. These advanced machines feature specially designed infeed systems that maximise output by guiding potatoes into the drum with perfect orientation. They are then guided from the infeed chute by specialised impellers with grooved paddles for optimised yield and control of the crinkle pattern. We work with you to configure your machine exactly to your needs, with the perfect choice of impeller wheel, precision blade and auxiliary tools for flexible, safe and effortless operation.

Hydrocutting solutions

STUMABO hydrocutting heads and blades are the preferred choice for potato processors around the world, who value their superior cut quality, prolonged blade life, increased efficiency and higher yield. At FAM STUMABO, we select the best stainless steel knives for the specific requirements of potato processing to optimise the performance of each machine. This includes the proven Conibot technology, specially developed to maintain superior cut quality when sprouting occurs on potatoes.


Our hydrocutting solutions enable a huge variety of cut sizes and shapes, thanks to different head build-ups and blades. This ranges from square and rectangular cuts and wedges to slices in both flat and crinkle cut. We can also help you deliver speciality cuts such as crinkle steak, beefeater and deep crinkle wedges. In an increasingly competitive market, we innovate with you to keep you a cut ahead.

Various knife options

Good cutting is a precision process. The combination of the right cutting method and the ideal blade avoids cell damage and makes cuts extremely accurate, guaranteeing product uniformity and reducing waste.


FAM STUMABO designs different types of knives to meet varying product textures and processing conditions. All the blades are designed and manufactured in-house using the best food-grade stainless steel materials. Their quality is the result of long research and experience. Based on profound application knowledge, we select the precise thickness, edge profile and mechanical strength needed to achieve an optimised cutting process with minimum waste.

Production process knowledge and line integration

FAM STUMABO designs machines, blades and cutting heads that meet your unique processing needs and can be easily integrated into a full line. We offer smart, active technology that connects, communicates, and works seamlessly with your other equipment. Active crash protection systems with integrated slip detection help to deal with the impact of foreign material. We also partner with leading suppliers of total line solutions to add value for each customer.

Driving innovation in partnership

FAM STUMABO works hand in hand with customers to develop or co-develop new product ideas. Our innovations are driven by global trends, such as the increased demand for snack products and further automation.